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1958/66 M.Tanker

Buildingyard: Bergens Mek. Verksted A/S

Built year: 1958

Yard no: 415

Tonnage: GRT: 12656/ NET: 7207/ TDW: 19665

Dims: LOA: 172,78/ BR: 21,95/ DR: 9,716mtr

Machinery: 7-cyl Stork by Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij,                              Amsterdam - 8200bhp

Speed: 15,00knots

Photo: WW150 years Fleet List

03.05.1958: Launched as NORDHAV for Skibs A/S Nordhav & Skibs A/S Sydhav (Per Lødding), Oslo

00.07.1958: Delivered

01.09.1966: Purchased by WW. Price: NOK 11.638.685

01.11.1968: Sold to Societa Internazionale di Navigazione per Azioni (d'Amico Soc di Nav. SpA). Renamed CIELO AZZURRO

00.00.1974: Renamed MOLARA

00.00.1975: Sold to Cia Transporti di Navigazione SpA., Italy

03.08.1985: Demolition commenced by Bhatiary, Chittagong by MEB Corp. Ltd

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