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1914-1929 Tanker steam


Buildingyard: Palmers Sihipbuilding & Iron Co Ltd., Jarrow

Built year: 1914

Yard no: 836


Tonnage: GRT: 6960/ NET: 4417/ TDW: 10300

Dims: LOA: 425,2/ BR: 57,0/ DR: 33,1ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp steam engine by the shipbuilder

IHP: 2250

Speed: 10,0 knots


27.04.1914: Launched 

16.05.1914: Completed. Price paid NOK 2.030.883,90

25.01.1929: Sold to Falkland Shipowners Ltd., London. Converted into a Floating Whaleoil Factory. Renamed ANGLO NORSE

20.06.1941: Purchased by the Ministry of War Transport (Chr Salvesen & Co.), Leith. 

19.08.1941: In collision with Canadian S/S LANARK 1904/23. On passage from Curacao to Tyne with a cargo of oil. Put in to the Tye 

                     with hulldamage.

31.08.1941: Caught fire while undr repair and beached. The ammunitionmagazine onboard exploded - and the vessel was scuttled.

03.09.1941: Refloated and subsequently repaired. Renamed EMPIRE NORSE

14.06.1946: Returned to Falkland Shipowning Ltd. Renaed ANGLO NORSE

00.05.1950: Sold to Armement Baleinier SA., France

00.00.1956 Renamaned JANINA

15.01.1957: Abandoned ablaze NW of Oporto, Portugal. In pos 41.43N, 09.30W. Fire broke out during voyage fro Odessa to Åbo with 

                     a cargo of oil.

18.01.1957: Sank

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