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1972 Ore/ Oilcarrier turbine


Buildingyard: Nippon Kokan K.K., Tsu

Built year: 1972

Yard no: 10

Tonnage: GRT: 116270/ NET: 95058/ TDW: 215261

Dims: LOA: 327,82/ BR: 50,09/  DR: 19,159mtr


Machinery : 2 steamturbines by Mitsubishi HI Ltd., Nagasaki - total 32000shp

Speed : 16,25knots


30.05.1972: Launched

29.08.1972: Completed. Price: NOK 134.778.000

12.10.1978: Sold to Liberian Pristella Transports Inc. (World Wide Shipping Agency Ltd.), Liberia. Renamed WORLD LADY

04.04.1985: Arrived at Ulsan/ Soptuh Korea to br broken up by Hyundai Precision Industry Co Ltd.

27.04.1985: Demolition commenced

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