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1965 Tanker

Buildingyard: Eriksbergs Mek. Verkstad A/B., Gothenburg/ Sweden

Built year: 1965

Yard no: 585

Tonnage: GRT: 43572/ NET: 24394/ TDW: 77100

Dims: LOA: 244,58/ BR: 37,24/  DR: 13,012mtr


Machinery : 10-cyl B&W by the shipbuilder - 21000bhp

Speed : 16,75knots


11.05.1965: Launched

05.10.1965: Completed. Price: NOK 51.345.674

27.06.1973: Sold to I/S Mytilus A/S & Co. (Jørgen P. Jensen), Arendal. Renamed CONDO

00.00.1975: Managers became Marlow Wangen

00.00.1976: Sold to Rigdale Shipping Co SA. (Hunting & Son Ltd.), Panama. Renamed KATO

00.00.1978: Sold to Nan Sin Steel Enterprise Co Ltd for scrapping

10.08.1978: Demoliton commenced at Kaoshiung

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