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Troll Lake

1971 Open Hatch Bulkcarrier


Buildingyard: Brodogradiliste "3maj", Rijeka/ Yugoslavia

Built year: 1971

Yard no: 542

Tonnage: GRT:22160/ NET: 13651/ TDW: 32300

Dims: LOA: 183,32/ BR: 26,88/ DR: 11,373mtr


Machinery : 7-cyl Sulzer by R.O. Tvornica Dizel Motora "3maj", Rijeka - 14000bhp

Speed : 16,00knots

Car cap.: 2000cars

Photo: Thamesphil

24.07.1971: Launched as TROLL LAKE for Twopark Shipping Co Ltd. (Denholm Shipmanagement Ltd.), London/ UK

20.12.1971: Completed.

00.00.1982: WW took over the management

25.10.1984: Transferred to Troll Lake Shipping Ltd. (Ocean Fleet), London

23.09.1985: Sold to d'Amico Societa di Navigazione SpA., Italy. Renamed CIELO DE AMALFI

00.00.1994: Sold to Deutsche Afrika Linie interest - and operated in the Barbican Line. Renamed BARBICAN SPIRIT

00.00.1994: Said to be owned by Cento Navigation Ltd., St. Johns, Antigua & Barbuda

00.00.1995: Sold to PTC Marine Corp., Manilla/ Philippines

25.08.1998: Broken up at Alang/ India

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