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1986 Ore/ Oil carrier


Buildingyard: Ishikawajima do Brasil SA., Rio de Janeiro

Built year: 1986

Yard no: 145

Tonnage: GRT: 159534/ NET: 107933 / TDW: 305675

Dims: LOA: 332,01/ BR: 57,26/ DR: 23,188mtr


Machinery: 8-cyl Sulzer by the shipbuilder 

BHP: 22340 

Speed: 13,5knots


18.12.1985: Launched for Wilsea Shipping Inc. (50/50 jointventure With Docenave SA., Rio de Janeiro)

15.12.1986: Completed. Price paid: USD 65.640.000

00.02.1998: Ownership renamed Log-in Logistica Intermodal SA

00.05.1998: Taken over by Wilship AS (Wilh. Wilhelmsen)

00.11.2000: Sold to Bergesen Gas Shipping AS. Renamed BERGE FJORD

00.06.2004: Ownership became BW Shipping Group Ltd

00.07.2005: Flagged in Panama. Owners: Berge Fjord Co SA.

00.12.2006: Renamed BW FJORD

00.01.2010: Renamed BERGE FJORD

19.02.2017: Arrived Chittagong Rd. Bangladesh for scrapping

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