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1957 General cargo

TEMERAIRE 1957-3.jpg

Photo: Chris Lowell

 Buildingyard: Charles Connell & Co Ltd., Glasgow

 Built year: 1957

 Yard no: 482


 Tonnage 1957-70 : GRT: 8779/ NET: 5317/ TDW: 10080

 Tonnage 1970-on: GRT: 10062/ NET: 6766/ TDW: 12337

 Dims 1957-70: LOA: 149,31/ BR: 19.59/ DR: 9,169m

 Dims 1970-on: LOA: 171,71/ BR: 19,59/ DR: 9,145m

 Machinery 1957-70: 6-cyl Doxford by Barclay Curle & Co. Ltd., Glasgow

 Machinery 1970-on: 6-cyl MAN by Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nurnberg

 BHP 1957: 9000/  BHP 1970: 11400

 Speed 1957: 18,00knots/ Speed 1970: 18,25knots

 Reeferspace: 956,39 cubm/ Containercap 1970: 84 under deck

 Passengers: 12

09.11.1956: Launched 

09.02.1957: Completed. Price paid: NOK. 26,958,166.06)

19.01.1970: Arrived at Framnes mek.Verksted who inserted a containersection midship with space for 84 containers under deck. 

                     The vessel was also re-engined with a new MANengine

21.06.1970: Reconstruction completed

07.01.1978: Sold to West Africa Navigation Co. SA., Greece. Renamed WARRI EXPRESS

00.00.1979: Sold to Sealine Maritime Inc. (Almouaket Shipping & Trading Agency Co.W.L.L) ,Panama. Renamed ALMONA

00.00.1981: Sold to Asia Marine Service Co. W.L.L., Kuwait.

18.06.1984: Arrived at Kaosiung, Taiwan for scrapping The Great Honor Steel Iron Works Ltd.

27.06.1984: Demolition commenced by The Great Honor Steel Iron Works Ltd.

TEMERAIRE 1957-2.jpg

Photo: Unknown

TEMERAIRE after reconstrution

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