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1976/83 Bulk Carrier

Buildingyard: RheinstahlNordseewerke GmbH., Emden/ Germany

Built year: 1976

Yard no: 440


Tonnage: GRT: 64076/ NET: 46240/ TDW: 122974

Dims: LOA: 272,32/ BR: 39,07/ DR: 17,079mtr


Machinery : 8-cyl by Sulzer Brothers Ltd., Winterthur


BHP/ IHP: 23200

Speed: 16,00 knots

Photo: Unknown

24.04.1976: Launched as FERNSEA for Fearnley & Eger A/S., Oslo

03.09.1976: Completed. 

00.00.1978: Transferred to P/R M/S Fernsea (Falcon Shipping A/S)

00.00.1979: Transferred to Skips A/S Kim and others (Fearnley & Eger A/S).

00.00.1981: Sold to Rising Sun Bulk Carriers Corp. (Kokusai Kisen K.K.), Liberia. Renamed YOU'RE MY SUNSHINE

09.11.1983: Purchased by K/S A/S Wilh. Wilhelmsen Shippinginvest II (Wilh. Wilhelmsen). Renamed THEMIS. Price paid: NOK 79.681.500

11.10.1986: Sold to Glenalil Ltd. (Anglo-Eastern Management Services Ltd.), Hong Kong. Renamed STABOR

00.00.1987: Sold to Cartlidge Ltd. (Unique Shippig Agencies Ltd.), Hong Kong. Renamed UNIQUE CARRIER II

00.00.1988: Renamed NAVIOS UNIQUE

00.08.1991: Sold to Ropalo Shipping Co Ltd. (Nafsiploia Maritime Corp.), Cyprus. Renamed NAVIOS PROTECTOR 2

00.06.1992: Group owner: Transatlantic Seaways

00.06.1993: Group owner: Polaris Ship Management, Greece

00.06.1995: Renamed PROTECTOR 2

00.09.2000: Sold to unknown Indian shipbreaker for USD 3.1 mill

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