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Sea Pride

1979/ 1994 Car Carrier


Buildingyard: Kurushima Dockyard Co Ltd., Onishi yard

Built year: 1979

Yard no: 2127

Tonnage: GRT: 9820/NET: 6592/TDW: 10729

Dims: LOA: 165,00/ BR: 27,64/  DR: 7,802


Machinery: 12-cyl Vee MAN by Kawasaki HI Ltd., Kobe

BHP: 12000

Speed: 17,0 knots

Carcapacity: 3150

Photo: Tomislav Raymondi

25.12.1979: Launched as OCEAN GOLF for Across Ocean Shipping Co Ltd., Monrovia

21.01.1980: Delivered

00.00.1984: Sold to Ferngolf Shipping Inc. (Fearnley & Eger A/S), Liberia. Renamed FERNGOLF

00.00.1991: Bought by Norske Amerikalinje A/S. (Norwegian Ship Management A/S), Oslo

00.00.1992: Renamed SEA PRIDE. Registreted in Oslo. Flagged in NIS (Norwegian International Shipregister)

00.00.1994: Tonnage remeasured; 27087 griss/ 15630 net

00.06.1995: Sold to K/S Pride (Eidsiva Rederi A/S). K/S Pride was a jointventure between NAL and Eidsive Rederi A/S. Operated by NAL-service

                     on T/C (Wesnav)

00.01.2001: Sold to Sogal Shipping, Malta. Renamed ST. BARBARA. Managers was Valiant Shipping, reece - controlled by Grimaldi Group, 

                     Naples/ Italy

00.03.2001: Management changed to Stamco Ship Management

00.02.2003: Management reverted to Valiant Shipping, Greece

00.01.2006: Ownership changes to Malta Motorways og the Seas, Malta. Controlled by Grimaldi Group

10.04.2009: Arrived and beached at Alang Beach for scrapping

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