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1895-1921 General cargo


Buildingyard: J. Blumer & Co., Sunderland/ UK

Built year: 1895

Yard no: 133


Tonnage: GRT: 2225/ NET: 1417/ TDW: 3310

Dims : LOA: 284,8/ BR: 40,0/ DR: 17,6ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp steameng by George Clark Ltd., Sunderland

IHP: 1100

Speed: 10

Photo: WW Fleetlist 150years

23.07.1895: Launched by J. Blumer & Co., Sunderland/ UK

31.08.1895: Completed. Price paid: 397.711,11 NOK

00.09.1921: Sold to Emil R. Retzlaff, Germany. Renamed WOTAN

00.06.1931: Sold to "Sedina" Schiffarts.GmbH., Germany

00.001934: Sold to M. Stern A.G., Essen for scrapping

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