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1970 Ore/ Bulk/ Oil Carrier

Buildingyard: A.G. Weser, Bremen 

Built year: 1970

Yard no: 1373

Tonnage: GRT: 84629/ NET: 62319/ TDW: 149900

Dims: LOA: 293,20/ BR: 42,58/  DR: 17,457mtr


Machinery : 8-cyl B&W by Friedrich Krupp Maschinenfabrik GmbH., Essen

Speed : 16,00knots


Ordered by Hvalfanger A/S Rosshavet, Sandefjord. Purchased by WW under construction

05.02.1970: Launched

28.03.1970: Completed. Price: NOK 123.525.946

22.09.1972: Sold to Fernavi SpA., Italy. Renamed MARCUS LOLLI-GHETTI

00.00.1974: Sold to Navigazione Alta Italia SpA. (Sidermar SpA), Italy. Renamed NAI MARCUS

00.00.1980: Sold to Italsider SpA. (same manager), Italy. Renamed LYRA

00.00.1981: Transferred to Nuova Italsider SpA. (same manager), Italy

00.00.1990: Sold to Quorate International Inc., Liberia. Renamed TIBER ORE

00.00.1993: Sold to China National Metals and Minerals Im & Exp Corp

08.05.1993: Arrived Beilun/ China for demolition



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