1891 General cargo


Buildingyard: William Gray & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool

Built year: 1891

Yard no: 406

Tonnage: GRT: 2123/ NET: 1367/ TDW: 3025

Dims : LOA: 278,8/ BR: 37,3/ DR: 18,7ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp by Central Marine Eng. Works, West Hartlepool

IHP: 1100

Speed: 9,0knots

Photo: via Bjørn Pedersen

26.12.1890: Launched

14.02.1891: Completed. Price paid: NOK 487.807,94

00.00.1904: Sold to Toba Tekko Goshi Kaisha (later Toba Zosenho Goshi Kaisha), Japan. Renamed TOBA MARU

00.00.1913: Sold to K. Iwagami, Japan

00.00.1914: Renamed SAPPORO MARU NO.3

00.00.1915: Sold to Inugami Goshi Kaisha (later Inugami Keigoro), Japan

17.02.1923: Wrecked off Noto Peninsula with a cargo of coke


Photo: via Bjørn Pedersen


Photo: via Bjørn Pedersen