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1981 Bulk Carrier


Buildingyard: Mitsubishi HI Co Ltd., Nagasaki

Built year: 1981

Yard no: 1864

Tonnage: GRT: 76.545/ NET: 47.797 / TDW: 144.348tdw

Dims: LOA: 207,42/ BR: 32,26/ DR: 16,750mtr


Machinery: 8-cyl Sulzer by the shipbuilder

BHP: 20400 / Speed: 16,00knots


28.02.1981: Launched

00.07.1981: Delivered to Morten Werring's Rederi (Wilh. Wilhelmsen), Oslo

00.00.1985: Sold to Ugland Brothers Ltd London/ UK. Renamed IBERITA
00.00.1987: Sold to  Xastria Shipping Corp.,Piraeus. Renamed PANTELIS A LEMOS 
00.00.2002: Sold to Meandros Line SA.,Pireaus. Renamed OCCAM`S RAZOR
00.09.2009: Demolition commenced at Chittagong/ Bangladesh 

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