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1891 General cargo


Buildingyard: William Gray & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool

Built year: 1891

Yard no: 404

Tonnage: GRT: 2848/ NET: 1838/ TDW: 4500

Dims : LOA: 314,2/ BR: 40,6/ DR: 22,2ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp by Central Marine Eng. Works, West Hartlepool

IHP: 1200

Speed: 10,00knots

Photo: WW Fleetlist 150years

14.11.1890: Launched as GUERNSEY for J.C. Nielsen & Sir William Gray

00.01.1891: Completed
05.05.1891: Purchased by A.N.Hansen, Copenhagen/ Denmark. Registreted in Tønsberg in the ownership of a company in which WW

                     were a shareholder. Wilh. Wilhelmsen acted as the ships manager
00.00.1894: Owned by D/S A/S Guernsey (Wilh.Wilhelmsen) Tønsberg 
10.07.1897: Sold to D/S A/S Østersøen (Hecksher & Søn) Copenhagen/ Denmark. Renamed CIMBRIA
07.11.1910: Sold to A/S D/S Atlantic (C.K.Hansen) Copenhagen/ Denmark. Renamed GURRE
29.05.1912: Sold to D/S Dannebrog (C.K.Hansen) Copenhagen/ Denmark 
26.10.1916: Sold to D/S Patria (O.Kongsted) Copenhagen/ Denmark
20.03.1917: Torpedoed and sunk in the North Sea by German submarine U-59 in pos 58.20N, 01.15E. On voyage from Galveston to Aalborg

                     with a cargo of oilcakes. 24 crewmember lost their lives in the attack

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