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1906 General cargo

Buildingyard: Laxevaag Maskin- og Jermskipsbyggeri, Bergen

Built year: 1906

Yard no: 82

Tonnage: GRT: 1350/ NET: 847/ TDW: 2100

Dims: LOA: 260,0/ BR: 38,1/ DR: 16,7ft


Machinery: 3-cyl 3EXP by the shipbuilder - 1000ihp

Speed: 10,00knots

Photo: Unknown

31.10.1906: Launched

00.11.1906: Completed. Price: NOK 354.289,60

10.12.1921: Sold to Rederi A/B Gefion (Joh. Gorthon), Sweden. Renamed STIG

00.00.1924: Renamed STIG GORTHON

00.07.1927: Sold to Rederi A/B Brubor (Ragnar Brunkman), Sweden. Renamed MERGUS

00.05.1951: Sold to Förnyade Rederi-A/B Commercial (Helge Johnson), Sweden. Renamed VÂRING

00.10.1955: Sold to Rederi A/B Signe (John Anderson), Sweden. Renamed SIGNE

11.12.1959: Sprang a leak and sank at Helsingborg where she was used at a Storage for grain. Later raised

26.01.1960: Sold to Vereenigde Utrechche Ijserhandel NV., Utrecht to be broken up.

05.02.1960: Arrived at Rotterdam in tow of the tug MAAS.

00.06.1960: Demolition commenced

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