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1979/89 RoRocarrier


Buildingyard: MItsui Eng & Shipb. Co Ltd., Tamano

Built year: 1979

Yard no: 1187

Tonnage 1979-2004: GRT: 22087/NET: 12120 /TDW: 35098

Tonnage 2004-2010: GRT: 55696/NET: 22276 /TDW: 32135


Dims: LOA: 228,53/ BR: 32,31/ DR: 11,170


Machinery: 8-cyl B&W by the Shipbuilders 

BHP: 30150

Speed: 19,50knots

TEU's: 18014

Carcap after 2004: 3872 (or 1599cars/ 513 trucks)


17.01.1979: Launched as BARBER NARA for Broström Rederi AB., Sweden

25.05.1979: Completed

00.00.1984: Transferred to Rederi A/B Transocean (Transatlantic Ship Management AB), Sweden

00.00.1987: Transferred to Swedish Liners AB (same managers), Sweden

31.01.1989: Purchased by Tampere Shipping Inc., Tönsberg. Price: USD 15.000.000. Registreted in Tönsberg/ NIS

                     Renamed TAMPERE

31.07.1989: Owners became Wilhelmsen Lines A/S

00.12.1997: Ownership transferred to Wilhelmsen Lines Shipowning AS., Norway

00.11.2002: Sold to Mark 1 KS., Lysaker. A company owned 50/50 by WW and Wallenius Lines., Sweden

01.01.2004: Arrived at Chengxi Shipyard, Shanghai for converstiob to a Car-/ Truckcarrier. Installation of a garage on weatherdeck

29.02.2004: Convertion completed, and vessel departed

22.03.2004: Transferred to Mark 1 Shipping, Singapore. A company owned 50/50 by WW and Wallenius Lines., Sweden. Flagged in Singapore.

06.05.2010: Sold to Ekhardt Marine for recycling at Jiangmen Zong Xin Shipbreaking Steel & Iron Corp., China 


Photo: Jens Boldt -

TAMPERE after convertion

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