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Nosac Tasco

1984 Car Carrier


Buildingyard: Daewoo Shipbuilding & HI Ltd., Okpo

Built year: 1984

Yard no: 4401


Tonnage: GRT: 48393/ NET: 29137/ TDW: 22067

Dims: LOA: 195,03/ BR: 32,26/ DR: 11,058mtr


Machinery: 6-cyl B&W by Hyundai Shipbld & HI Ltd., Ulsan

BHP: 19250 / Speed: 19,00knots

Car capacity: 5550

Photo: Robbie Cox

30.09.1984: Launched

07.02.1985: Completed. Price paid: NOK 310.837.000

16.01.1987: Transferred to Panamanian registry

30.12.1988: Sold to K/S Fernboat (Norwegian Ship Management A/S), Oslo

00.00.1989: Sold to Hafslund Transport A/S (Den Norske Amerikalinje A/S), Oslo

00.12.1989: Renamed NOSAC EXPLORER

00.00.1992: Sold to Actinor Shipping (same manager), Oslo

00.09.1992: Sold to K/S Benargus & Co A/S (same mananger), Oslo

00.02.1996: Sold to Wilhelmsen Lines A/S (Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA), Oslo

00.07.1996: Renamed TASCO

00.09.1998: Owner restyled to Wilhelmsen Shipowning AS.

09.12.2015: Broken up at  Jiangyin 


Photo: Robbie Cox

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