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1952 General Cargo

TENERIFFA 1952-1.jpg

Buildingyard: Kaldnes Mek. Verksted A/S., Tønsberg

Built year: 1952

Yard no: 134


Tonnage : GRT: 5150/ NET: 2923/ TDW: 7835

Dims : LOA: 138,51/ BR: 18,32/ DR: 7,875m

Machinery: 7-cyl by Gebr. Stork & Co., N.V. Hengelo/ Netherlands

BHP: 9000

Speed: 16,50knots

Refspace: 882,34 cubm

Passengers: 12

Photo: From shipowner

19.12.1951: Launched

23.04.1952: Completed. price paid: NOK 16.722.343,36

13.02.1970: Sold to Skips A/S Soltun & Co. (Johannes Solstad), Skudeneshavn. Renamed SOL LAILA

00.00.1975: Transferred to Skips A/S Solhavn (Johannes Solstad), Skudeneshavn

00.00.1975: Sold to Hong Kong pacific Shipping Co.Ltd. (Hong Kong Island Shipping Co.Ltd), Panama. Renamed SUNSHINE ISLAND

20.03.1979: Arrived at Kaoshiung to demolition.

21.04.1979: Demolition commenced by Long Jong Industry Co Ltd

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