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1910-1917 General cargo


Buildingyard: Napier & Miller Ltd., Glasgow

Built year: 1899

Yard no: 85


Tonnage: GRT: 4302/ NET: 2773/ TDW: 7100

Dims: LOA: 375,0/ BR: 50,0/ DR: 25,9ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp steam engine by D. & W Henderson & Co., Glasgow

IHP: 1870

Speed: 9,0 knots


10.06.1899: Launched as CUZCO for New York & Pacific Steam Ship Co Ltd., London

00.11.1899: Completed

17.08.1910: Purchased by WW.

28.02.1917: Stranded on the coast of Chile. Declared CTL. Subsequently salved and towed to Callao.

00.00.1920: Sold to Nafra Italiana, Italy.

00.00.1921: Nafra Italiana went into liquidation, and she was tken over by Banca Italiana di Sconto (Roma Societa di Nav), Italy

                     Banca Italiana de Sconto went themslves into liquidation after some time

00.00.1932: Sold to shipbreakers at Genoa

14.03.1932: Arrived Savona for demolition

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