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1903-1923 General cargo


Buildingyard: Sunderland Shipbuilding Co Ltd., Sunderland

Built year: 1903

Yard no: 218


Tonnage: GRT: 3560/ NET: 2304/ TDW: 6100

Dims: LOA: 340,0/ BR: 48,0/ DR: 25,4ft

Machinery: 3-cyl tripleexp steam engine by North Eastern Marine Eng Co Ltd

IHP: 1500

Speed: 10,0 knots


25.07.1903: Launched for A.N. Hansen & Co., Copenhagen/ Denmark

00.09.1903: Completed. Reg in Tønsberg in the ownership of a company in which WW were shareholder and in which they were managers

11.01.1923: Sold to Emder Dampfer Kompagnie Nübel & Fritzen AG., Germany. Renamed RADBOD

00.00.1925: Sold to A.G. für Handel und Verkerhr (Lexau, Scharbau & Co.), Germany. Renamed KATHARINA DOROTHEA FRITZEN

29.01.1933: Arrived at Kiel to be broken up by Deutsche Werke AG

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