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1886-1886 Brig


Buildingyard: Brahestad/ Finland

Built year: 1850

Yard no: ---


Tonnage: GRT: 318/ NET: 305/ TDW: ---

Dims : LOA: 105,7/ BR: 28,7/ DR: 15,8ft

Machinery: ---

IHP: ---

Speed: ---


00.00.1850: Built at Brahestad/ Finland. Early owners not recorded

00.00.1866: Reported owned by I. Aslagen, Tvedestrand

00.00.1869: Sold to E. Aslagen & Co., Porsgrund

00.00.1871: Sold to H. Iversen, Soon

00.00.1873: Sold to O. Siewers and others, Soon

00.00.1874: Sold to N.H. Steen, Moss

00.00.1875: Sold to N.H. Munthe Kaas and others, Tønsberg

00.00.1886: Purchased by Wilh. Wilhelmsen

00.00.1886: Sold to H.C. Eriksen, Fredrikstad

00.00.1889: L. Schübeler supposed to be manager 

12.04.1895: Abandoned in the North Sea. On voyage from Christiania to Troon with a cargo of pitprops. Taken in tow and brought

                     in to Grangemouth. Declared CTL and condemned

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