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Facing the park

2nd half of 1800’s was a rich time for Norwegian shipping. Tonsberg took a big part of this expantion,
and from 1850 to 1875 the fleet grew four times bigger.

 Wilh. Wilhelmsens company grew bigger, and in 1877 the fleet consisted of 7 own ships and parts in 9 other ships.
We believe that this success contributed to WW’s plans for a residence. He bought a suitable site, Gunnarsboe, from his father in law.

 The new home was finished in 1878. Who the arcitect was is unknown, but some sources say a swedish architect, but some say a relative of the Norwegian artist Tidemand.

 Wilh. Wilhelmsen died in 1910, and in 1919 died his wife Catarine died. The residence was then transferred to, Halfdan, who instead moved to Oslo.
After Halfdan Wilhelmsens death in 1923 Gunnarsboe was transferred to Morten Wilhelm (MWW).

 MWW often visited Tonsberg. One evening in 1926 at Gunnarsboe did MWW sit in his own mind. Then he said to one of his old Tonsberg-friend
"What shall I do with Gunnarsboe. I can’t keep it for ever". His friend said: "Give it to the town". It’s not sure if this is correct. In 1929 the
towncouncil received a letter signed by MWW and the rest of the heiresses. In this letter Gunnarsbø and the surrounding park was given to the city.

 The letter stated that the building was to be used as the towns “townhall”. Today it houses the town Culture-administration.

The front - entrance

This monument in the “Gunnarsboe-park” was given to Wilh. Wilhelmsen company

at their 100-years anniversary in 1961. It was a gift from Tønsberg kommune (Tonsberg town council).

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